Comprehensive Care For Your Children

As pediatricians at Twin Pediatrics, PC, we specialize in caring for the unique needs of children from infancy through young adulthood. Your child will receive quality care provided by the best child specialists in the area.
Phoenix Illness Diagnosis & Treatment

Illness Diagnosis & Treatment

Whether your child is sick with the flu, or if you suspect that they may have a dangerous disease, you and your family depend on the expertise of your pediatrician to help your child's body become well again. At Twin Pediatrics, PC, we offer the best and latest illness diagnosis and treatment technology, which we pair with the extensive experience of our doctors, to ensure your family receives the very best treatment available.

Phoenix Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment

In such a big world, it's frightening but sometimes expected that kids will work or play a little too hard. When worst comes to worst and someone gets a little banged up, you need a top quality pediatrician to help your child on the road to wellness again. That's where we come in. From broken bones to minor infections, we treat a wide range of injuries with the highest quality of care. It is our mission to help our young patients get back on their feet, ready to take back their everyday life.

Phoenix Specialist Referrals

Specialist Referrals

While our doctors and personnel are capable of treating a wide range of diseases and conditions, there are times when a certain case may be better treated by another specialist. In instances like these, we have a network of doctors who we refer our patients to, including behavioral, ENT, allergy, occupational therapy and speech therapy specialists, and many more. From here in Phoenix to across the state of AZ, we will ensure that your child will have the right physician to make them well.

Phoenix Vaccinations


Sometimes, a vaccination is all that stands to protect your child from some of the worst diseases in the world. Don't let them be unprepared! Protect your family with routine, scheduled vaccinations. Is your child squeamish about needles? Let us know beforehand, and we will make the procedure as fast and pain-free as possible.

Phoenix Adolescent Care

Adolescent Care

The physical changes that happen during our teenage years amount to so much more than just pimples and mood swings. That's why it's important to find a great family doctor who can ensure that your teen is transitioning through adolescence smoothly and developing into a healthy adult. We see teenage patients every day, encouraging them to partner with us and with their families to achieve optimal health, so they can make the most of their youth.

Phoenix Circumcision


If you have a newborn son, you and your partner may decide together to have him circumcised. In our office, we strive every day to perform circumcisions as quickly, painlessly, and cleanly as possible. We perform circumcisions up to the first 30 days after birth here in-office, and we use a range of methods to control your son's pain, including topical ointment or a mild numbing injection if needed. We have nothing to hide during the procedure, so we invite you to join us in the office during the big snip if you are comfortable doing so.

Phoenix Developmental Screening

Developmental Screening

At Twin Pediatrics, PC, we take your child's healthy development very seriously. To ensure that he or she is growing steadily towards a healthy adulthood, we perform routine mental and physical developmental screenings during designated annual check-ups. The screening procedure also invites you and your child to ask questions about what it means to grow and live a healthy lifestyle.

Phoenix Check-Ups & Preventative Care

Check-Ups & Preventative Care

Making sure your child has a regular annual check-up is the best defense against disease, and a good measure to spot dangerous conditions before they grow too big. Our pediatric medical experts are dedicated to providing your children with their annual check-up and preventative health care in a friendly, comfortable setting. We encourage kids and grown-ups to ask questions and actively partner with us to achieve the best health for life.